Why choose SPC rigid vinyl flooring? Here are 4 things you need to know

1. Vinyl Flooring Market Trend
It is no secret that laminate flooring is one of the most popular flooring choices in the market. But ever since the US “poison floor” incident, exports decreased 70% which brought a huge negative impact to laminate floor manufacturers. In the recent years, the United States has continuously raised the threshold of imports of wood products. Just a few months ago, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), published a rule for the implementation of the 2010 Formaldehyde Standards Act for wood products which are imported and locally produced in the US. While the US is China’s largest market for wood product exports, the implementation of this rule will negatively impact China’s export of composite wood products. Therefore, we are expecting growth in the export of SPC rigid vinyl flooring in the coming years.

2. Vinyl Flooring Market Demand
Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) and Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) floor exports have increased dramatically in the past few years. In 2014, a new WPC flooring was introduced at the International Exhibition but due to glue, deformation, and warping issues, flooring companies have decided to launch a single layer of stone plastic with a wear resistant layer and a printing layer called the Stone Plastic Composite (SPC vinyl flooring) which was launched at the International Exhibition in 2017 . It easily became popular and the trend in floor covering which also attracted many foreign buyers at the CHINAPLAS Exhibition.

3. SPC rigid vinyl flooring Advantage
SPC rigid vinyl flooring, also known as Rigid Vinyl Plank is based on a high tech development of a new environmentally friendly flooring which is 100% formaldehyde free. Unlike laminate flooring, spc rigid vinyl flooring is produced with 100% virgin PVC and extruded the substrate from the extruder with T-die. Then use three or four rollers calendar disposable heating and laminating PVC wear layer, color film and PVC substrate material together. The process is simple, laminating complete according to the heat, GLUE FREE. It is 100% waterproof and is fire resistant. It’s very durable, easy maintain and also has a variety of easy installation option(which is same with LVT) to choose from.


4. Why is SPC flooring popular in the market?
SPC rigid vinyl flooring is 100% eco friendly because it uses environment friendly formula. It does not contain heavy metals, phthalate, methanol, and other harmful substances. It complies with EN14372, EN649-2011, IEC62321, GB4085-83 standards. It is becoming very popular in Europe, other well developed countries like the United States, as well as the Asia Pacific market. By virtue of its excellent stability and durability, SPC rigid vinyl flooring not only solves the solid wood flooring damp and mold problem but also solves formaldehyde problems. It is economic and also has different color patterns to choose from. Great for home, hotels, hospitals, shopping malls, and buildings.

These are only some of the many great advantages of having an SPC rigid vinyl flooring. It’s eco friendly, very durable, easy to maintain, and very affordable. You will certainly never go wrong with an SPC rigid vinyl flooring.